A Brief History of NeuroField Inc.

NeuroField Inc. was founded in 2008 by Nicholas Dogris, Ph.D. and Bradley Wiitala BSEE and released the original X1000 pEMF device shortly thereafter. After their initial success and the overwhelmingly positive response from the beta testers and first waves of customers, Nicholas and Bradley quickly began to expand on the development of the NeuroField software.

In 2010, NeuroField Inc. released the X2000, the next logical jump for the neurofeedback aspect of the system, combining 2-channel EEG, HRV, and pEMF stimulation into one unit.  This combined unit allowed the creation of NeuroField’s Real-Time Z-Score (RTZ) neurofeedback system.

The X3000 Plus, Q20 EEG, and HRV devices were released in 2012.  The X3000 is a more powerful version of the X2000, minus the EEG  and HRV (due to FDA regulations at the time).  The Q20 was NeuroField’s foray into 19-channel EEG, enabling full head RTZ vs. the original 2-channel system with the X2000; and the Q20 has been championed by it’s users as one of the most detailed EEG amplifiers in its price range.  Lastly, the HRV allowed users to continue to run body-response muscle testing biofeedback in software.

The release of the Z3 (previously the tDCS/tACS) came in 2015.  The Z3 added a whole new layer of stimulation to the NeuroField suite of hardware.  Initially offering Direct Current and Alternating Current stimulation, the Z3 was upgraded to include Random Noise stimulation in early 2016, which made the Z3 one of the most capable and programmable transcranial Direct Current/Alternating Current/Random Noise Stimulation devices on the market.

2017 saw the release of the Neuron4, a simplified 4-channel EEG with HRV built in.  Built upon the same quiet circuitry as our Q20, the Neuron4 is a less expensive entry into the neurofeedback features that are offered in NeuroField64.

Everyone at NeuroField is always looking to the future, with new ideas and an ever expanding suite of protocols and neurofeedback techniques, you can be sure that this company will always be at the leading edge!

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